The Commission Process

1. Photograph

All commissions require a high quality photograph of the subject. While it is entirely up to you to chose a photograph that you feel most appropriate I can also offer you my extensive experience as a rider and a photographer in the decision process. Undoubtedly, the better the photograph; the better the painting.

2. Choice of motif & size

Decide on the paintings motif and size. I am happy to advise on this.

3. Background & frame

We can discuss the background and framing and I am also happy to advise on these subjects of crucial importance for the ambience of the painting.

4. Contract & delivery

A written contract must be constructed and will guarantee dependable delivery. For pieces above 500 a down payment of 50% is necessary. While pieces that are worth 500 or less must be paid in full before the piece is commenced. Invoices are sent for all payments. The date of delivery will be agreed upon mutually bearing in mind the artistic requirements.

5. Final painting

A digital photograph of the painting will be sent to you before the painting is completed. Amendments and requests can be incorporated into the painting.

6. Billing process

The final payment of 50% for pieces above 500 is required within 14 days of completion as agreed upon previously. The painting will be sent to you by secure shipping within 1 week of reception of the billed amount.