Christina Brüne was born in the Ruhr region to a well-established family of Mülheim. Her grandfather Hugo nurtured her childhood love of horses and now she is passing that on to her 12 year old daughter, Lena. Christina Brüne is a self taught artist who began her painting career in 2002. She sketches and paints both dogs and horses. She lives in the suburbs of Berlin with her daughter, dog and cat.

Christina Brüne prefers working with oils on flax canvasses and in style and techniques she uses clear lines and/or follows the great masters. She graduated in a private art school and specialised in horse portraits then expanded her painting spectrum by painting scenes of polo and horse racing.

Her trademark paintings of dogs are enjoyed with growing success and are frequently requested. "It is my great ambition to capture in painting the personality of the horse or dog. To compliment beauty and breed" says the painter. "Also to appreciate the pride and trust of the owner" To receive such a gift one does not need to be a millionaire.